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    4 Best Dog Training Tips (Find Out What Are The Best Bully Sticks On the Web)

    In our previous article, we outlined several tips that dog trainers should follow. These tips will allow them to find better success when they train their dogs. One of the tips there was to use high quality treats to supplement your training.

    Following the positive reinforcement dog training framework, the treats allow for dogs to recognize and remember specific behaviors that are desirable. Using high-quality treats is a good way of motivating your dog and increasing their focus and concentration.

    Let’s take a look at the three best treats for dog training.

    Baby Carrots

    They aren’t only good for bunnies. No, even dogs will find this snack quite delectable. The crunchy nature of the baby carrot makes it an enjoyable treat for your pups.

    There are several good benefits to feeding your dog baby carrots too. For one, it is good for their eyesight. It allows them to keep their eyesight healthy. It is also healthy for your dog’s teeth.

    Blue Buffalo Dog Treats

    Next on the list, we have Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Dog Treats. It is called Beef Bits.

    This treat is filled with only high-quality ingredients. It is wheat free so you can rest easy in thinking whether or not your dog is allergic to wheat. It also has soy and corn.

    Apart from these ingredients, these treats are full of DHA which allows for better cognitive development in dogs. This means that while you are keeping your dog on its toes with the list of different commands you are teaching it, utilizing Blu Buffalo’s Dog Treats will also boost their cognitive faculties as well.

    The treats also contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids ensure early development in dogs, while Omega 6 acids aid in growth, as well as healthy skin and fur.

    Pawstruck Bully Sticks

    Do you have a favorite snack? Like humans, dogs have their treat preferences as well. If dogs can speak, they’ll tell you outright to pick the best bully sticks on the web — Pawstruck bully sticks! These pizzle sticks can do wonders for your dog’s dental health by keeping those pearly whites tartar and plaque-free. Dog owners love them for the low odor. Because these are all-natural, bully sticks tend to have that smelly odor that’s quite disgusting. Not Pawstruck’s chew treats though. They’re one of the low-odor ones that you’d be happy to keep buying over and over again.

    The Pawsitive Action Training team stands by this great treat.


    Chicken is always a good treat for your dog. It is an excellent source of protein as well as vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is very important. It handles a lot of different bodily functions such as red blood cell production, the generation of glucose, immune system response, and so much more.

    When you do go for chicken though, make sure you buy the organic brand of chicken. Also, when you prepare it, make sure that you take away the skin and bones. Cook it plain without any salt. Salt is bad for dogs.

    This means that you should stay away from prepared chicken and just buy the raw ingredients.

    Follow these items as the best treats for your dogs when training them.


    2 Basic Commands You Should Teach your Dog

    Until now, most of our previous articles have been talking about the do’s and dont’s of dog training, as well the best treats that you can use for training. These articles have been mostly general about the training process and its facets.

    With this article though, we’ll go a bit more specific about the training process and talk about several commands that you can and should teach your dog.

    Teaching your dogs specific commands has many benefits. One of them is the fact that by teaching them certain commands, it can help quell current and future behavioral problems.

    Let’s take a look at several basic commands that you should teach your dog.



    Of course, this should be the first thing that you should teach your dogs. It is also the most popular commands to teach dogs thanks to pop culture, not to mention the easiest.

    All you need to do is take out a treat of your choice and show it to the dog. Get it real close to their face. No doubt, an untrained dog will get excited and try to get at it. When this happens, move it away. It actually best if you move the treat above your dog’s face.

    In this way, their natural tendency is to look up and have their furry behinds on the floor. They have basically just sat down.

    Once they have sat, repeat the sound of the word and give him the treat. Keep on doing this so your dog will understand what the command is and what they are supposed to do.

    Also, don’t forget to send some affection your dog’s way when they have done a good job.

    Teaching this command is a good way of keeping your dog calm in situations.



    This is one of the harder commands to teach your dog. However, it is especially useful if your dog gets away from you or if your drop your leash when you are out on a walk.

    In order to teach this specific command, you will need a leash and a collar. Have your dog wear both. The next step is to then get down on their level. You have to say the command and pull them gently by the leash.

    When your dog finally reaches you, give him a treat and shower them with affection.

    Once your dog understands how the command is, take off the leash and try the command without it.

    These are only a couple of commands you can teach your dog. We at Pawsitive Action Training hope you utilize these commands and find new ones to teach your dog.


    2 Essential Tips for Dog Training

    In our previous article, the Pawsitive Action Training team spoke about and explained several mistakes that dog trainers often do. For this article though, we’re going the opposite and offering tips that dog trainers should follow.

    Let’s take a look at two essential and useful tips that you should follow when training your dog.

    Create a Suitable Space for your Dog


    It is easy to ensure that your dog is not getting into any ill behaviors when you watch them. However, the reality is that you can’t watch them all the time. When you aren’t right there to see what they are up to, be sure to put them in a place where they can’t do things to get in trouble.

    Create a safe and suitable space for your dog to stay in. Make sure that there are a lot of toys that your dog can safely chew.

    Think of taking care of your dog as you were a baby. You wouldn’t let a baby roam around the house unsupervised right?

    Also, be sure to put them in an area that is devoid of anything that could warrant an accident. If all of these are followed, this also builds a good foundation for bad habits not to take hold.

    Use the Best Treats


    The Pawsitive Action Training organization believes heavily in using positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement requires you to reward the good behaviors of your dogs with treats. This way, the brains of the dogs are rewired to take certain behaviors and reward systems in mind.

    For those treats, you should use the best ones you can find. Check bully sticks reviews for some of the best treats you can use as a reward. You’ll be surprised how much more motivated your dogs can be when they get a taste of quality treats.

    As you continue on your dog training, you’re sure to come upon more tips for dog trainers to follow. When you discover them, we hope you share them with the community.


    3 Things to Avoid When Training Your Dog

    No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there is always room for mistakes. The world we live in is not one of the absolutes. It is hard for people to say something like they are never wrong, or they never make any mistakes. There is always uncertainty and room for error.

    This even applies to dog training. Dog training has been around for quite some time, but people are still very prone to mistakes whenever they train their dogs. The worst part is that some people might not even know that what they are doing are mistakes.

    You don’t have to worry though, the Pawsitive Action Training team is here to let you know about the three common mistakes that dog trainers do. Let’s start.

    Training Requires Just a Few Days

    Some people who get pets don’t understand that training is a full-time job. Most people start out training their new pups for several days. Then, when they are conditioned for certain commands and actions, the trainers and pet owners think that that is where the training stops.

    However, this is far from the truth. People don’t realize that dogs can lapse back into untrained behaviors if not trained for a while. It’s kind of a lack in practice.

    Think about a person who is an expert at shooting three-point shots. However, if they stop training and working at their skill, it will eventually degrade over time.

    The best thing to do is to train your dog habitually. Keep a schedule of when you train your dog and stick to it. It is also important for you to do it several times a day.

    Apart from that, why not introduce new tricks and commands every month? This will help keep your dogs interested and motivated.

    Being Fearful

    When people say that dogs can smell the fear on you, it isn’t an exaggeration. If you lack confidence in the way you train them, dogs will not react accordingly. This isn’t a negative trait of your dog. The fact is that it is natural for dogs to act this way.

    In order for this not to happen, all you have to do is keep training him. Eventually, you’ll find some success in your training sessions. With the success there, you’ll be able to gain some confidence as well. You can also try and attending some training classes with your dog.

    Practice makes perfect as they say.

    Thinking All Dogs are The Same

    You may think that the general training principles apply to all dogs. However, there is where you are wrong. Each dog is unique and has its own traits and behaviors that you should home in to and it’s important that you are patient enough to discover their unique traits.

    As a dog owner, you need to have a special bond with your dog. You need to understand its traits and how it operates, then train accordingly.

    These are only a few training mistakes common to dog training. Don’t rest on your laurels and always find ways to improve.

    Top Tips For Training Dogs

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