About Pawsitive Action Training


Dogs are considered man’s best friend. How could they not be? They are affectionate, loyal, energetic, and just a whole fur of fun. However, this isn’t something that applies to all dogs just like that. Dogs aren’t born as man’s best friend, they are made into man’s best friend.

It is totally possible to have a problematic dog. There are dogs that end up destroying things, don’t listen to their families, and just cannot be controlled.

The good news though is that it is totally possible to train and condition your dog to do everything right. There are a lot of techniques a person can use, but the best technique to use is positive action or positive reinforcement.

Trainers can use this specific technique to condition a dog’s mind into doing things. It is a way for dogs to remember that if they act a certain way, good things will happen to them.

This is the focus of Pawsitive Action Training. Our website and organization focus on dog training. Through our website, we write articles that look on several different facets of dog training. These include the do’s and don’ts of dog training, the best treats that should be used, and the essential commands to teach your dogs.

Furthermore, we focus on positive reinforcement in dog training. Back in the day, trainers thought that using positive reinforcement was synonymous with cheating. It was a way to trick your dog into loving you, instead of having them respect you.

However, those past practices were now replaced due to the questionable things that trainers needed to do to get that respect.

Pawsitive Action Training believes in effective dog training through positive actions. We believe that this is the way to form your dog into your best friend in a loving and humane way. We hope you stay with us as we move forward on our own training journey.