Dog Training Events in 2018

As long as there is life and motivation, everything included in life will continue to evolve. We see it in the way books are written, the way movies are made, the technology around us. This is also true for dog training.

If you thought we have reached the pinnacle of dog training, you’re mistaken. People are still discovering better methods of training, as well as scientific facts that allow us to understand our dogs and the training methodologies better.

One way to learn more about these new developments is by attending events happening. In these events, professionals and experts come together to share their knowledge on these topics.

Let’s take a look at several dog training events that you can still attend this 2018.


The ClickerExpo is one of the world’s animal training conferences that focuses on innovations in training different animals. People can head here to learn the very best and latest training techniques, as well as hear from experts about positive reinforcement benefits and innovations.

This expo happens three times a year, all throughout the globe. Two have already taken place in Irvine, CA and St. Louis, Mo. The third one will be taking place in Winchester, England. It takes place on October 26 to 28.

The expo has a lot of themes that people can choose from and follow. These themes include the development of the skills of trainers, how to teach people to train, managing the aggression of dogs, managing the general behavior of dogs, and the environment of veterinary clinics.

Throughout these three days, people can choose which theme to follow, or if they would even like to learn about different themes on each day.

The program of this specific expo focuses mostly on reconciling the science of animal behavior and the science of animal training, as well as the latest research in clicker training.

Clinical Animal Behavior Conference

The Clinical Animal Behavior Conference is set to take place on October 5 to 7 in the Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This conference really looks at several facets of animals and the subsequent training of these animals through the lens of science.

Topics they cover include cognitive disfunction syndrome in cats and dogs, how pain affects the behavior of our pets, how to prepare dogs for old age, husbandry, pet relations and so much more.