2 Basic Commands You Should Teach your Dog

Until now, most of our previous articles have been talking about the do’s and dont’s of dog training, as well the best treats that you can use for training. These articles have been mostly general about the training process and its facets.

With this article though, we’ll go a bit more specific about the training process and talk about several commands that you can and should teach your dog.

Teaching your dogs specific commands has many benefits. One of them is the fact that by teaching them certain commands, it can help quell current and future behavioral problems.

Let’s take a look at several basic commands that you should teach your dog.



Of course, this should be the first thing that you should teach your dogs. It is also the most popular commands to teach dogs thanks to pop culture, not to mention the easiest.

All you need to do is take out a treat of your choice and show it to the dog. Get it real close to their face. No doubt, an untrained dog will get excited and try to get at it. When this happens, move it away. It actually best if you move the treat above your dog’s face.

In this way, their natural tendency is to look up and have their furry behinds on the floor. They have basically just sat down.

Once they have sat, repeat the sound of the word and give him the treat. Keep on doing this so your dog will understand what the command is and what they are supposed to do.

Also, don’t forget to send some affection your dog’s way when they have done a good job.

Teaching this command is a good way of keeping your dog calm in situations.



This is one of the harder commands to teach your dog. However, it is especially useful if your dog gets away from you or if your drop your leash when you are out on a walk.

In order to teach this specific command, you will need a leash and a collar. Have your dog wear both. The next step is to then get down on their level. You have to say the command and pull them gently by the leash.

When your dog finally reaches you, give him a treat and shower them with affection.

Once your dog understands how the command is, take off the leash and try the command without it.

These are only a couple of commands you can teach your dog. We at Pawsitive Action Training hope you utilize these commands and find new ones to teach your dog.

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