2 Essential Tips for Dog Training

In our previous article, the Pawsitive Action Training team spoke about and explained several mistakes that dog trainers often do. For this article though, we’re going the opposite and offering tips that dog trainers should follow.

Let’s take a look at two essential and useful tips that you should follow when training your dog.

Create a Suitable Space for your Dog


It is easy to ensure that your dog is not getting into any ill behaviors when you watch them. However, the reality is that you can’t watch them all the time. When you aren’t right there to see what they are up to, be sure to put them in a place where they can’t do things to get in trouble.

Create a safe and suitable space for your dog to stay in. Make sure that there are a lot of toys that your dog can safely chew.

Think of taking care of your dog as you were a baby. You wouldn’t let a baby roam around the house unsupervised right?

Also, be sure to put them in an area that is devoid of anything that could warrant an accident. If all of these are followed, this also builds a good foundation for bad habits not to take hold.

Use the Best Treats


The Pawsitive Action Training organization believes heavily in using positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement requires you to reward the good behaviors of your dogs with treats. This way, the brains of the dogs are rewired to take certain behaviors and reward systems in mind.

For those treats, you should use the best ones you can find. Check bully sticks reviews for some of the best treats you can use as a reward. You’ll be surprised how much more motivated your dogs can be when they get a taste of quality treats.

As you continue on your dog training, you’re sure to come upon more tips for dog trainers to follow. When you discover them, we hope you share them with the community.

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