4 Best Dog Training Tips (Find Out What Are The Best Bully Sticks On the Web)

In our previous article, we outlined several tips that dog trainers should follow. These tips will allow them to find better success when they train their dogs. One of the tips there was to use high quality treats to supplement your training.

Following the positive reinforcement dog training framework, the treats allow for dogs to recognize and remember specific behaviors that are desirable. Using high-quality treats is a good way of motivating your dog and increasing their focus and concentration.

Let’s take a look at the three best treats for dog training.

Baby Carrots

They aren’t only good for bunnies. No, even dogs will find this snack quite delectable. The crunchy nature of the baby carrot makes it an enjoyable treat for your pups.

There are several good benefits to feeding your dog baby carrots too. For one, it is good for their eyesight. It allows them to keep their eyesight healthy. It is also healthy for your dog’s teeth.

Blue Buffalo Dog Treats

Next on the list, we have Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Dog Treats. It is called Beef Bits.

This treat is filled with only high-quality ingredients. It is wheat free so you can rest easy in thinking whether or not your dog is allergic to wheat. It also has soy and corn.

Apart from these ingredients, these treats are full of DHA which allows for better cognitive development in dogs. This means that while you are keeping your dog on its toes with the list of different commands you are teaching it, utilizing Blu Buffalo’s Dog Treats will also boost their cognitive faculties as well.

The treats also contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids ensure early development in dogs, while Omega 6 acids aid in growth, as well as healthy skin and fur.

Pawstruck Bully Sticks

Do you have a favorite snack? Like humans, dogs have their treat preferences as well. If dogs can speak, they’ll tell you outright to pick the best bully sticks on the web — Pawstruck bully sticks! These pizzle sticks can do wonders for your dog’s dental health by keeping those pearly whites tartar and plaque-free. Dog owners love them for the low odor. Because these are all-natural, bully sticks tend to have that smelly odor that’s quite disgusting. Not Pawstruck’s chew treats though. They’re one of the low-odor ones that you’d be happy to keep buying over and over again.

The Pawsitive Action Training team stands by this great treat.


Chicken is always a good treat for your dog. It is an excellent source of protein as well as vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is very important. It handles a lot of different bodily functions such as red blood cell production, the generation of glucose, immune system response, and so much more.

When you do go for chicken though, make sure you buy the organic brand of chicken. Also, when you prepare it, make sure that you take away the skin and bones. Cook it plain without any salt. Salt is bad for dogs.

This means that you should stay away from prepared chicken and just buy the raw ingredients.

Follow these items as the best treats for your dogs when training them.

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